Gratitude (AKA a break from whining)


I’ve been whining a lot lately. If it isn’t “moving is its own circle of hell,” then it’s “edits are hard!” or “why doesn’t the house clean itself? Can’t I at least get a house elf who vacuums?” In (early) celebration of Thanksgiving, I’ve decided to do a post or two or three (depending on how wordy I get) on all the things for which I am grateful.

1. Life.
2. A (generally) healthy body and mind (although that last one’s up for debate).
3. Really good books.
4. An awesome family (sometimes odd, but awesome anyway).
5. A warm and safe house with enough room outside for the dogs to be their obnoxious selves without bugging the neighbors.
6. Tolerant neighbors.
7. All the horses that put up with my mistakes and didn’t try to kill me.
8. All my teachers who put up with my mistakes and didn’t try to kill me.
9. Editors who still put up with my mistakes and don’t try to kill me.
10. The chance to write stories that people will read and (hopefully!) enjoy.

Yep. I’m getting wordy. The gratitude list might take a few more posts…