Merry Christmas!


Since I’m in an on-grid house for the first Christmas in several years, I figured I’d might as well display a little Christmas cheer. After shopping for a fiber-optic light-up tree (go gaudy or go home), I ended up with a stick tree with lights, mostly because the package promised an “easy assembly.” After putting the bottom third of the tree in the center (“Huh. The branches look kind of funny.”), I applied some logic and reason (biggest branches go on the bottom and tiny ones go on the top) and got the thing put together.

My next problem was fitting a four-and-a-half-foot tree in a four-foot bay window. When I was growing up, we always had real Christmas trees. When it was too tall and hit the ceiling, we just lopped off the top. Since applying that solution to this tree would lead to electrocution and/or a generally bad day, I went for option #2: put the tree in the porch. My poinsettia and Christmas cactus fit much better in the bay window, so all is well and Christmas-y in my house.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. Awesome things (including the release of my Search and Rescue series) will happen next year. I can’t wait for 2016.