Storm’s Coming! (i.e. Unintentional Prepper-dom)


Mother Nature has been kind to me so far this winter (all our bad weather seems to be taking a detour through New England). We’re expecting a couple of feet of snow this weekend, though, so I ran into town this morning for some essential in case I’m snowed in for a while. These “essentials” were basically milk, chocolate and Tropical Skittles. This is because I have unintentionally become a Prepper.


It started with toilet paper. I mean, who wants to be rationing squares if snowed in for weeks? One of my sisters pointed out that I had enough Charmin to last a few years. I figure that the possession of plentiful toilet paper is just as crucial during a zombie apocalypse as it is in a snowstorm. Besides, I can get great deals buying in bulk.

Not going to run out of tea anytime soon...
Not going to run out of tea anytime soon…

My neighbor’s horror stories of being snowed in for months has made me careful to, each fall, stock the cupboards with non-perishables, fill the propane tank and build the woodpile to last me all winter (or…ahem, for a few years). It’s such a comforting feeling to have enough of all the essentials on hand to survive through a rough winter…or a zombie apocalypse. You know, just in case.